Java SDK

Getting started

Java is a widely-used general purpose programming language.

Our Java SDK makes it quick and easy to connect your Java back-office system or ecommerce website to our payment platform. Download our SDK, install it, and start testing against our sandbox environment right away.

Please contact either your Vantiv Implementation Consultant, or sdksupport for help in determining which SDK version will best support your business needs.

To install it, run java -jar litle-sdk-for-java-8.29.0.jar (or the version of the SDK you wish to use) and answer the questions. If you are just trying it out, the username, password and merchant id don't matter, and you should choose sandbox. This process will create a file in your home directory called with the configuration settings for the SDK. You can regenerate this file anytime by rerunning, or you may edit the settings here manually.

Maven or Gradle

  1. Add JCenter repository to your Maven or Gradle build:

    • For Maven, please read instructions at Bintray's JCenter
    • For Gradle, add jcenter() to your repositories { ... }
  2. Add the dependency:

    • For Maven:
    • For Gradle:
      compile(group: 'com.litle', name: 'litle-sdk-for-java', version: '8.29.0')
  3. Create your configuration file with one of the following

    • Run java -jar /path/to/litle-sdk-for-java.jar and answer the questions, or
    • Add a file to your home directory with the correct properties in it

Auth Example

Capture Example

Credit Example

Partial Capture Example

Sale Example