.Net SDK

Getting started

The .NET framework is a family of languages and runtime that is a widely-used as a general purpose programming language.

Our .NET SDK makes it quick and easy to connect your VB.NET, C# or Managed C++ back-office system or ecommerce website to our payment platform. Download our SDK, install it, and start testing against our sandbox environment right away.

Please contact either your Vantiv Implementation Consultant, or sdksupport for help in determining which SDK version will best support your business needs.

To install it, just copy LitleSdkForDotNet.dll into your Visual Studio referernces. You can configure it statically by modifying LitleSdkForDotNet.dll.config or at runtime using the LitleOnline(Dictionary) constructor. If you are just trying it out, the username, password and merchant id don't matter, and you should choose sandbox.

Our .NET SDK supports all of the functionality present in Vantiv eCommerce XML v8. Please see the online copy of our XSD for Vantiv eCommerce XML to get more details on what is supported by our payments engine.

It has been tested to be link-compatible with .NET 2.5, 3 and 4. In order to run the unit tests, we require moq, which has a dependency on .NET 3. Release 10.1 is dependent on .NET 4.5 for TLS v1.2 compatibility.

Auth Example

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Sale Example

Partial Capture Example

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